CNN brings out the big guns

"That’s why I fucked yo bitch you fat mothafucka."



Frankenstorm: The Quebec Response



nature’s miracles


I had to look twice.


Mirror suit

  • M: I wish I had a phaser
  • B: You should contact the guy who made that phaser (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7eEvtPkWd0) & tell him to shut up & take your money.
  • M: Or steal it.
  • B: That's trickier. He could shoot you with it.
  • M: I'll wear a mirror suit
  • B: I'm surprised Kirk's enemies never thought of that one.
  • M: They were too busy questioning their wives about what Kirk was *really* doing. Diplomatic envoy, my ass!



“Sing the HOOK LIKE I SAID BITCH!!!!!”

o m g

look at her fist

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“I knew that I wanted to be quite soft and feminine. She doesn’t have any vanity, I don’t think she cares so much about, um, beauty and y’know all that kinda stuff. She’s not really into it. When she met Weyland she probably looked really good y’know, that’s apart of her plan, but I think at this mission it’s very practical, so I wanted to have like a hair that we didn’t need to fix. That we could actually y’know if  I need to put a skull cap on I can just do it. So it was like, balance between finding something that was quite soft, but not hardcore or boyish or masculine.”

—Noomi Rapace, Prometheus Screen Test

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  • K: did you hear?
  • Z: ?
  • K: the guy who did the mass release of that Romney video?
  • K: jimmy carter 4
  • Z: oh shit
  • Z: what
  • K: his grandson
  • Z: a
  • Z: mazing
  • K: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2012-09-18/carter-grandson-arranged-romney-videos-release
  • K: he wasn't the one who filmed it
  • K: but he saw it and found the guy who did and then had it mass released
  • Z: so great
  • K: right?
  • Z: I imagine him and Jimmy Carter high-fiving
  • Z: also, James Carter IV is a serious name
  • K: "James: This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa," the former president told his grandson Tuesday morning in an email obtained by the AP.
  • Z: so great
  • Z: Were I Jimmy Carter
  • Z: I would never fail to remind people how great I was
  • Z: "Oh, were you also President, supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner?"
  • Z: "Then shut the fuck up"
  • K: shut
  • K: the
  • K: fuck
  • K: uppppppppppppp
  • K: and then cram a fistful of whole peanuts in your mouth
  • K: and chew it while staring at them
  • Z: I'm really hoping that he could nail down another big Israel-Palestine agreement
  • Z: before he dies
  • K: have you seen the article about how they're worried, that if they find liquid water on mars with the rover, they may contaminate it with life?
  • K: I want to assuage their fear
  • Z: yes
  • K: if we find water on mars
  • K: I'm going to kickstarter a project to just shoot artillery shells full of bacterial spores up there
  • Z: yes
  • Z: cyanobacteria
  • Z: eat it Mars
  • K: and scientists can just deal with it
  • K: no need for debate
  • K: someone's going to just do it
  • Z: We should just send Carter and whoever is in charge of Israel and Palestine now to Mars
  • Z: let them sort it out
  • Z: then bring them back
  • Z: but only if they can work it out
  • K: the mars accords
  • K: p good
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